Customize your car here are some examples:


Put in a V8 motor.
 Fels12.jpg   Fels11.jpg

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Or totally customize you're car

0-100 km/h in 7 seconds more text and pictures

  use a Buick engine 7 pictures

or change it that it is NOT looking like a rekord 58
used to be white? 
Regbes som ombyggt fordon -80 avställd 81-05. Luftfjädring plus kompressor. Sektionerad, taksänkt. Wheels 8-81

Or make it 923HP
  Dragracer more text and pictures

Or put in 500 HP
more pictures

or make a dragracingcar

make it run cheaper (376 miles per Gallon)
 read how to do this

You can also make a cabriolet with soft or hard-top
more about this car

Put in a  rekord 1953 front and a 1900 cc motor
P1010226.jpg    P1010225.jpg  
 P1010230a.jpg   P1010229.jpg    P1010230.jpg
P1010231.jpg    P1010227.jpg    P1010228.jpg   

or another grill

make it lower


Change your carAvan in a delivery


Make a pickup

Put a extra licenseplate on it

Make it longer with a  continental kit

chrome parts on the motor


 paint your parts

tuning up the headlights is enough!

nice wheels and bright color

fluor color and aluminium wheels

don't forget the interieur
pic16.jpg    pic14.jpg    pic10.jpg    pic12.jpg

PIC13.JPG    pic3.jpg

metallic paint and a 1600 cc manta motor

metallic ??paint

use not original Opel colors

chameleon colors

set your car on fire

two tone  paint with 2000 cc injection

be creative with striping

or make a Chevy 55 of your rekord!

or a Chevy 56 design by Rickard

or a Chevy 57

Opel 1956 with Buick portholes

buy chrome wheels
bilde10.jpg    bilde9.jpg       

use a kapitan P1

use a Kapitan P2

use a kapitan P2 and cut of your front

or make an Kapitan p2 pickup

make wider bumpers nice headlights ,adjustments for a big block
            more about this car

and then put a boat on it
  more about this car

Use more bumpers

or simply put some flowers on the bonnet

or do a ribbon on the car

or take of all unnecessary parts

or place unnecessary parts on the roof

or just put some snow on it

let grow some green on it

or do snow and green on it

let the sun and rain do the work

or do only dust on it

put on a serene

or a sun blocker

or change your car in one second

put some train wheels on it

Add a caravan on it

or your spare opel

hook on half a car
see how to make this

fill your trunk and go to the beach

make extra headlights on it

or foglights

put in some music

put stickers on it

strip off everything

But before you change your car:

make a plan
Red and White low copy.jpg

practice on a model

try if a V8 fits in  model

or use a special carmodel 

or just let your car the way engineers designed it !!!!


It's beautifull just the way it is



    next pages of a magazine send by Ake                                                                      update18-02-2006

And here comes a set of pictures of a custom -58.
The pictures are from a motormagazine 1983. The story was named "Opel
Body Building".
The guy "Thomas Karlsson" got first price in the class of "Originals".
He was at that time 20 years old but he bought
the car when he was 16. He dissambled it twice restoring every part.
The article also says that middle-aged men started to moan and got tears
in their eyes seeing that car.
Unfortunately the text under the enginepictues has been mixed up, as you
can see. And the Lowrider is a P2, nes pas?

I don't know if  Thomas  Karlsson  still  is the owner of  the -58



    more customs send by  Ake                                                                      update 27-02-2006

Meeting in Denmark spring -93; a custumized delivery from Norway

  picture customized by rickard----->  



and a special Caravan from Denmark assembeled in Copenhagen. Unfortunately the
whole label that has the chassis-number can not bee seen on the picture,
but I remember that it said "made in Copenhagen".


    Look at all the tools he has mounted in the engineroom !

Greetings Ake


v6 in a Bkadett

cool kapitan


rekord p2







This site contains only information of  Opel P1 models:  Opel Rekord or Olympia  end 1957 ,1958,1959,1960,1961. with a 1500cc or a 1700 cc engine and the opel 1200 cc model 1962.

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