Dudi Levente from Romania


My name is Levente Dudi, I'm from Romania and I own a1962 Opel Rekord Olympia PII Coupe.

I bought the car from some guys who tried to transform the car into a hot-rod, but I think they failed a bit,
because the engine they choose to install was a 4 cylinder, 1.6 liter Ford diesel engine!!! Who heard
about a diesel hot-rod? Otherwise the car looked pretty much like a hot-rod. I was looking at the car
for quite some time with a sad eye, because I knew the car is a rare one - being a Coupe, and seeing it turning into something not not cool in my opinion.


When the opportunity came upon me, in 2004, I jumped and bought the car and I'm trying to bring it back to
it's former glory since then. Up until now I managed to rebuild a correct 1700 cil engine for it, and
install it,
with the help of your "Werkstatt - handbuch fur kinder", by the way: thanks a lot! I
still have some electrical problems to sort out, because I want to convert it back to 6 volts and in a
few days, I hope, it will run again on his engine.

The pictures that I'm sending were made in 2004, right after I bought the car, but I will send you some new
pictures soon with the engine bay. I still have to repair it's body, repaint it, and last, redo the
upholstery, to get rid of the Mexican blanket, which is there, just like in the song (I loved the movie too).

I know that my car is not a PI, but mechanically the PII is the same, only the shell is different. I really
hope that you will overlook that detail and let me become one of your members.

Your truly, Levente Dudi













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