Here are my favorite things on my site that I want  show you:
Making this website is a lot of work....


Making webpages about projects:
Offcourse my own project Opelkreuzer

My sons project of building out an engine

Shell test car 376 Miles Per Gallon with result of 5000 pageviews in one day !!

Making webpages about the special P1's:
Ascona Production in Switzerland

Autenrieth modifications 
(Pickup) production in South Africa

cool stuff

Finding out webdesign features

The mouse over pictures of kapitan
The Mouse over pictures on drawings
1200 poster  working with more frames
Europa tour postcards diashow with zoom in function

Making mini websites

of this book

transparant book of hinterachse
transparant book of vorderachse
transparant book of getriebe
transparant book of motor

But It's not only using Frontpage, also:

Surfing on internet and sort out pictures
Overview 1:87 and other scales modelcars

Steeling pictures of Ebay to make a complete new website about:
Opel in the fifties and sixties carbrochures

Restore pictures:
 See the difference before and after working with Photoshop

paste two pages and add missing pieces

paste two pages and add missing pieces

from two pages of a carbrochure

1200.JPG fix two A4 centerfold pages

paste two pages ,add missing pieces ,erase text

paste two pages ,add missing pieces ,erase text

and make high quality ,printable pictures of it

Paste two pages of an advertisement

Mixing two pictures
+ =

Using help from friends (animation specialist)
Coca Cola

funny flash-movie with sound    1 mb download !
and these animation gif pictures

Testing my photocamera on my collection

Trying out my scanner with a postcard
2,3 MB !

Using Acrobat reader
600 dpi acrobat.pdf

Working with windows moviemaker:
Lots of work to convert ,cut ,edit  and to upload it on Youtube
Movies of the testtrack top !
Movies of testing parts        
Movies of the factory assembly line            
Movies of complete cars  

Working with Flash

Working with PHP to make a forum


Pictures of all the Dutch P1's
Old pictures found on other websites

Finding differences
in Car brochures 1200 and 1500 

Searching usefull information for other P1 owners
Making the members site
Brochures colors of your Rekord / Farben programm / kleuren programma

Things about the panorama windshield

Making Photoalbums as:
Opel museum Rüsselheim

verkoop brochure verschillen tussen model 57 and 58

Going to meetings
10-06-2006 meeting ijsselstein HOCN Historiche Opel Club Nederland
2 und 3 september Marl
10-06-2007 IJsselstein HOCN
50 jahre  Panorama rekord
21-06-2008 Panoramatreffen Breda fotoalbum

Follow the news
About the burried car (sorry not Opel)


50 years Opel Rekord

But I must not complain about the work to make this
Without YOU'RE WORK as a ,,member"
as seen by owners,

by sending pictures of you're car and
scanning brochures ,burn dvd's ,search the internet for new items
I could not do this

Thanks for it !

And keep sending new material. sooner or later it could be in this website.

Greetings Arjan Hart


Maar ik moet niet klagen over al dit werk,

Zonder uw hulp als ,,lid" zoals te zien bij owners,

Door het sturen van foto's en..
Het scannen van autofolders,branden van dvd's, zoeken op internet voor nieuwe onderwerpen.

Zou deze site niet zo groot geworden zijn.

Bedankt daarvoor!

En blijf nieuw materiaal sturen , vroeg of laat komt het misschien op deze website.

Groeten Arjan Hart


And here is my favorite American car




This site contains only information of  Opel P1 models:  Opel Rekord or Olympia  end 1957 ,1958,1959,1960,1961. with a 1500cc or a 1700 cc engine and the opel 1200 cc model 1962.

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