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This website contains only information and pictures  of OPEL P1 models: 

OPEL Rekord /Olympia/CarAvan  1957 ,1958,1959,1960,1961, with a 1500cc or a 1700 cc engine 
OPEL 1200 cc model 1962.
OPEL Käpitan 1958

All this websites above are a collection from:
- contributions of members
- material scaned by myself and members.
- pictures made by myself and members
- copies of pages from other websites
- (if possible I refer to the original source of this websites)
- are modified by Arjan Hart
- many websites I used you can find here by links

- If someone has problems with copyright please send an email

Sorry I don't sell parts.
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I want to thank the members to help with new updates.

Arjan Hart



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