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Here is a copy of a message and a selection of Tom's photoalbum

her bilder fra minrodding av 59 mod P1 varebil skal sitte Vektra 2.016V omega2.0 automatkasse Volvo 240 bakaksel og bremser til slutt. her er mye bilder.

Here are pic from my rodding of my P1 delivery i will put in engine from Vektra 2.016V, automatic gearbox from Omega 2.0i. and rear axel and all breakes from Volvo 240.

Tom Lennart Bjervamoen

Succes with the project and keep us all informed with the progress of you're car with the special engine.


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tildiger bilder 63 pictures

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bremser 18 pictures of special brakes


some comments of the brakes:

In the start of the project i intended to use complete brakes from Opel
Omega 2.0 automatic 1988 mod,
its rear floor and rear axle, and most of the floor in the front from the

i soon found out that the government car control authority did not approve
the drastic change of the car!!

and with some measurement i found out that the rear axle from Omega was 13cm
wider than P1 axle and it was hard to make it shorter...

i also tried to fit the front brakes form the omega with no success, so i
decided to look for other donor car
i thought of BMW donor car for long time, but one day i got an offer of an
very good price of an Volvo 240 completer car, and the deal went well.

The Volvo rear axle is very popular i Norway today to be used in "streetcar"
it has to be shorted approximately 7.5cm to fit original Axel with, its no
problem to do so and quite cheap.
I have not yes started on this modification.

but i have started on fitting the front brakes:
in the start i did not know how it would fit , i had not seen any other
doing the same thing.

so i started trying to fit the Volvo hub and bearing to the P1 spindle and i
got "lucky
it is an easy match
I have to use an spacer in the rear of the inner bearing that also work as
an   inner surface  for the bearing seal, further i must make an spacer
between the p1 spindle and  the Volvo bearings,
further i must make an holder for the caliper and the brake pipes an hoses.
and finally an brakesheald

i have now made this things of wood and will start soon on the the iron

today(22.04.06) i start fitting the main brakepump and powerauxillery to
that. in to the engine room.

fitting the engine:

when i started to fit the engine i had decided to use the omega rubber
mounts and make the rest from scratch

i soon found out that i had to make the rubber mounts 45 degree to the car
frame ore it would crash with the chassis,
so i made some temporary holder , when i did that i wanted to try the omega
engine mounting, and i got lucky again it almost fitted!!
just minor adjustment on the left side, and  a bit more on the right side.

fitting the gearbox:

i wanted to use as much as possible of the omega bracket but it was not
possible  so i used only some of it..

fitting the exhaust manifold:

this is quite hard cause of the very narrow space between engine and the
steering system!!
so this is not an optimal solution, i think it will work fine. maybe a
little loss of horsepower.

this manifold was not stock i have fitted it to the omega before .

The rear compartment:

i decided to take out the cargo floor so i could easily repair and sand
blaster the bottom floor, i will also make more space for the exhaust
silencer, and i will make room for the battery under the cargo floor.

further I will make an frame in 20X20 pipe that the floor will lean on, and
mounted with dzus fasteners

so it will be easy to take out the floor later.


What's your opinion on this car ?



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