Hi there!
I think that we have obtained most of the parts that we need from a gentlemen that I came in contact with from your website. I still need emblems for the hood and fenders and trunk lid.
Here are some pictures of our car. It was previously a drag car some years ago. Now that we have it we are trying to make it a nice street car/hot rod. It currently has a 383 Chevy engine in it.
Gina Kostkowski


update 17-05-2010

comment of Dale:

The  other opel with 383 , it is posible that it is a sister car of the one I have, hollywood sold 2 just like that, in a storage action and one went to the east coast , one had a ford moter and one had  383  ,they would match race in california drag strips

The movie star harrison ford drove these cars in several movies

goto to the other car owner Dale


update 17-12-2011

These pictures are from facebook:




This site contains only information of  Opel P1 models:  Opel Rekord or Olympia  end 1957 ,1958,1959,1960,1961. with a 1500cc or a 1700 cc engine and the opel 1200 cc model 1962.

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