My name is Mohamed Abou-Ali, I'm Egyptian and I have an Opel Rekord model 59. I am the first Egyptian to apply on your website and I would like to be a member. Attached it a picture of my car and below are some information about it:
- I am the second owner of this car.
- The car has been properly stored for about 25 years.
- It has only 40 thousand kilometers on its kilometer counter.
- Everything in the car is original.

These days I am spraying the car and it will be in its restored condition  by early June. I would like to share my experience of re-innovating my car with others, and frequently upload the car's information and update the website.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.
Best Regard,
Dr. Mohamed G. Abou Ali
Professor of Industrial Engineering
Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University








This site contains only information of  Opel P1 models:  Opel Rekord or Olympia  end 1957 ,1958,1959,1960,1961. with a 1500cc or a 1700 cc engine and the opel 1200 cc model 1962.

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