I just bought a 1959 Opel Rekord and I am trying to find out information on it.  The previous owner said that the motor had been completely rebuilt in the early 80ís except that the old timing gear was used.  It stripped out shortly thereafter and has been parked ever since.  I have been researching buying parts for this motor, but have also been told about possibly putting a later model Opel 1.9 in it.  It has a manual 3 speed transmission on the steering column.  Would you happen to know if any motors would bolt right up to the original transmission?  Or do you know of a motor/trans combo that would fit in the car without having to move the firewall or radiator?  I havenít taken the old motor out, but it looks as if itís going to need a lot more than just a timing gear to get moving.


Honestly I had never heard of Opelís until recently, and was very interested in this car after I saw it.  Itís in pretty good shape, with the only major rust issues being on the passenger side floorboard, spare tire holder, and a few spots on the passenger front fender.  Iím very excited to get this car moving under itís own power so I can start driving it while Iím working on it too.  Any information or advice you could give me would be greatly appreciated.  I have enjoyed visiting your website in the last few days since Iíve bought the car.




Alan Kegley

Jackson, Mississippi, USA


Answers to these questions to opelrekordp1@gmail.com



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