Hello Arjan

I would like membership to your site.
I'm attaching some pictures of my '58 P1, wich I am restoring at the moment. I will send you more pictures when the car returns from the painter.

I have an actual question about colours. My car is blue as you can see. I'd like to paint it bermudagreen but i seems like that colour only came in Denmark.
(Has anybody an answer to this? Arjan)

Flemming Graversen
NB. I took most of the Cuban pictures on your site.
(thanks for that pictures) Arjan

I would like to give Flemming Graversen an answer to his question.
We had an P1 1700 -60 bought in Sweden. It was Bermudagreen and the roof
On the pictures I send along with the answer you can see what the still
fresh green coulor look like on the fenders. They had been switched just
before the pictures were taken. On the rest of the car the paint had got
quite pale. But there was no time for rubbing and polishing in thoose
The pictures are from 1970 and -71.


Greetings from Ake.

There is one more thing I would like to add to my answer to Flemming
Visiting a Danish Opelmeeting I met Ivar Vimme for the first time. ( Who
later became the chairman of  "Svenska Opelklubben".)
He had brought one of his Opels, a green twocoloured P1 -58.
I told him that my father also have had a Bermudagreen with a white roof.
But he then told me that his car was not painted in that colour. The
Bermudagreen first came with the yearmodel of 1960.
His green was not quite as dark as the Bermudagreen but of course just
as beautiful.
His car was painted in
Safarigreen nr 315 and Alabastergray nr 103.

Ake in Sweden




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