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11.01.2006 Invitation at all P1 & P2 driver

Hello. With this I would like to confirm now rumors, after which I align that 4 in the year 2006. Official old-Opel Industrial Trade Union types
groups meeting of the types group panorama record (P1&P2). 

It takes place, at the 2.+3. September 06 at the northern edge of the Ruhr Valley in Marl on the terrain of Rudi bird. (

It makes available drinks and grill meat the little price to. So the costs hold themselves for us for the place in very tolerable boundaries. This mians however for us also that we will not bring along all our characteristic favorite beer sort boxes manner, but rather our drinks, grill meat, etc. will buy there. I ask this in the purchase to considering. 

The meeting finds on Saturday and Sunday place. The arrival of the participants is planned until about Saturday 14:00 clock. Later in the afternoon is lived wait how an interesting driveway for you. After
consultation, also the arrival is on Friday evening already possible. The evening program is confessed yes of the last meeting. 

Please registers you PREMATURELY so that I have a certain planning security. The costs lump sum incl. Costs for the driveway (no gasoline costs) as well as campsite, etc. amounts to 10€ per vehicle per before cash register. Who wants to await first the weather and on
Friday evening decides is also sincerely welcome, pays however 15€. 

Further information, also to that conveys finds its in the Flyer (Rechtsklick goal storage under) 

Download Flyer
Download Flyer Seite 2

All P1&P2 drivers as well as visitor with other Opel-vehicles (no, it comes no VW on the place), equal whether in the old-Opel Industrial Trade Union or, not
sincerely are invited, I ask however for prior registration. 

Registrations at me, before which shrubs 4 in 45770 Marl, per 


 or fax at 02365/202019 who converses gladly with
answering machines, this can do also, under the Tel 02365/202020. I become then back call. 

Mfg, mark Ludwig

They are übrigends of the visitors