The German movie 'Richy Guitar' ...
it was made in autumn 1984 with the well-known band 'Die Ärzte'
and a P1 plays a big role in this movie.
There are some scenes where the car is really used as a piece of art.
If you don't know it, I made some 'primitive' on-screen-photos for you.
'Die Ärzte' were an unknown band when the movie was filmed,
one year later they were famous and still are today.
Because the license-plate of the P1 is B-DR 104 it's quite possible that the car was privately owned by one of the band. I don't know if you know in Holland, but a 'doctor' or 'DR' is called 'Arzt' (or 'Ärzte' in this case) in Germany. 
Best regards, Chris 
... enclosed find some photos  from the grey (and as you can see later also red) P1 from Berlin from autumn 1984 ... it would be interesting if it's still alive.







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