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Complete carbrochures big pictures! perfect to print                  scaned by members
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This is OPEL German made, American style update 13-12-2006
Europe's most distinguished economy car update 13-10-2006
  Ingescaned voor Storms website Opel Rekord Dutch  
kleine  brochure   1958 Rekord  
Brochure carAvan update 26-01-2013
Snelbestelwagen update 14-06-2009
 verkoop brochure verschillen tussen model 57 and 58 update 07-04-2007
Kleine folder vierdeurs update 14-02-2006
Dutch instruction book changed 19-02-2006
Brochure Opel  1958 Olympia     
Autofolder Opel Rekord 1960  ook vier deurs en Olymat update 30-11-2007
  Car brochures 1200 and 1500   update 17-03-2006
GM onderdelen update 30-01-2008
folder Opels 1960 update 01-03-2008
folder Opel 1961 update 16-12-2011
prijslijst Nederland update 01-05-2008
German prospect rekord update 30-01-2006
small prospect four doors update 14-02-2006
really nice accesoires    update 07-07-2006
small prospect Opel Olympia   update 14-02-2006
Taxi update 14-05-2012
carbrochure from Danmark of a opel combi !!! update 02-02-2006
carbrochure from Danmark of a opel car-a-van   update 06-02-2006
opel delivery carbrochure from Sweden update 02-02-2006
opel car-a-van 1960 carbrochure from Sweden    update 06-02-2006
car brochure fromSweden car-a-van  update 14-02-2006
Delivery carbrochure from Norway       update 07--04-2006
Reconstruction of the pictures in the brochures.



Overview Less quality ,NOT all complete! Green is same as above
4 deurs    


Brochures colors of your Rekord / Farben programm / kleuren programma
Brochures extra assecoires 
Different languages Olymat  

1200 poster                                                                                                                                 update 16-04-2006

German special brochure                                                                                                          update 14-11-2005

German maintenance book in the car  from Victor                                                               update 28-12-2005

Preisliste Deutschland                                                                                                                update 23-01-2006

German Opel range                                                                                                                 update 02-06-2006

das snittmodel                                                                                                                         update 05-07-2006

protection for the trunk                                                                                                         update 09-02-2007

Opel range 1958?                                                                                                                  update 31-10-2010

Trifold Rekord                                                                                                                        update 15-11-2010

Trifold 2 Rekord

Trifold carAvan                                                                                                                     update 20-01-2013

trifold folder Ascona                                                                                                               update 09-07-2006

folder Rekord Ascona                                                                                                            update 06-05-2010

Amerikan leaflet about import  in the USA                                                                       update 28-03-2006

1958 OPEL Rekord 2-Sedan US market promo post card                                                      20-10-2007

Opel brochure by Buick dealers                                                                                   update 27-02-2010

trifold 1958                                                                                                                                  update 02-06-2006

history of OPEL                                                                                                                      update 19-10-2006

                                                                                                                                        update 19-10-2006

first page of a carbrochure from Sweden                                                                      update 07-04-2006

russia                                                                                                                                      update 28-03-2006

pickup for South Africa                                                                                                        update 12-03-2006


  complete sales information map

Kapitän p1 informations-handbüch für den verkauf

Kapitän p1 1958 brochure

Kapitän p1 1958 premiere

Kapitän p1 1958 posters

Kapitän p1 1958 matern

Kapitän p1 1958 anzeigen

Kapitän p1 1958 overdrive

Kapitän p1 1958 farbenprogramm

Kapitän p1 1958 preise

(Jan bedankt voor het lenen)

Opel Kapitan 1958 English carbrochure                                                                                                update 6-12-2005







Special thanks to E. Storm




This site contains only information of  Opel P1 models:  Opel Rekord or Olympia  end 1957 ,1958,1959,1960,1961. with a 1500cc or a 1700 cc engine and the opel 1200 cc model 1962.

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